WOW EARN Unveils Layer One Blockchain, Redefining Efficiency and Global Accessibility


December 5, 2023 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

In a bold move that redefines the blockchain landscape, WOW EARN announces the launch of its innovative WOW EARN Chain, now operating as a layer one blockchain.

This significant technological advancement positions the WOW EARN Chain at the forefront of blockchain innovation, offering unmatched efficiency, global accessibility and a suite of unique features.

Helping developers at all stages of development, WOW EARN Chain’s mission goes beyond being just a public chain.

It focuses on discovering and supporting innovative, high-potential developers and projects.

WOW EARN chain will continuously improve the efficiency of Ethereum, providing supplementary expansion and support for the Ethereum ecosystem.

By leveraging WOW EARN’s comprehensive Web 3.0 ecosystem, the chain aims to become the birthplace of innovative technologies and businesses, establishing a complete cycle of technology development, application promotion and efficient transactions.

Key highlights of WOW EARN Chain
Strategic shift to layer one

By building a layer one blockchain, WOW EARN Chain has enhanced its core infrastructure, offering a more robust and scalable foundation for blockchain applications.

This shift signifies a commitment to providing a high-performance platform capable of supporting the growing demands of the blockchain community.

Low transaction fees with WOW coin

Emphasizing economic accessibility, the WOW EARN Chain features extremely low transaction fees, with transactions being processed for as little as 100 WOW.

This approach makes blockchain participation more affordable, encouraging a wider adoption among users and developers.

Global node deployment for enhanced connectivity

Recognizing the importance of a global presence, WOW EARN Chain has strategically deployed official nodes across key regions, including Asia-Pacific, Australia, Europe and the Americas.

This expansive network ensures that developers around the world can enjoy high-speed and reliable network connectivity, facilitating seamless blockchain experiences.

Exceptional current limit for high-volume processing

With an impressive current limit of 100 QPS (queries per second), significantly surpassing the typical five QPS offered by other public chains, WOW EARN Chain sets a new standard in transaction processing.

This capability is pivotal for applications requiring high transaction throughput, offering an efficient and reliable platform for various blockchain use cases.

Innovative HPoS (hybrid proof-of-stake) consensus mechanism

The WOW EARN Chain employs the HPoS consensus mechanism, blending the benefits of PoE (proof-of-equity) and PoS (proof-of-stake).

This hybrid model ensures a balance between security, speed and cost-effectiveness, reducing transaction costs while maintaining competitive transaction speeds.

EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatibility for seamless integration

Continuing its alignment with Ethereum, WOW EARN Chain supports EVM compatibility, enabling developers to create and deploy DApps (decentralized applications) with ease.

This compatibility facilitates seamless integration with the broader Ethereum ecosystem, enhancing the chain’s utility and appeal.

Cross-chain functionality for expanded reach

The WOW EARN Chain is not limited to its native capabilities it extends its reach through integration with 10 diverse blockchain chains, such as Base, OkEX, Velas and ZkSync.

These integrations are carefully chosen to enhance various aspects of the chain, from liquidity and security to scalability and transaction efficiency.

Empowering developers with resources and support

Understanding the critical role of developers in the blockchain ecosystem, WOW EARN Chain is committed to providing extensive support and resources.

This includes special funds for high-potential projects, hosting developer-centric activities and fostering a collaborative environment for innovation and growth.

Advancing the blockchain industry with WOW EARN Chain

Yara G, vice president of marketing at WOW EARN, said,

“The WOW EARN Chain is not merely a technological leap. It’s a comprehensive blockchain solution designed to empower developers, streamline transactions and expand the global reach of blockchain technology.

“Our transition to layer one coupled with our commitment to providing a high-speed, economically accessible and developer-friendly platform marks a new chapter in blockchain evolution.”

The opportunity to become a validator is open to any participant in the network. Should an individual’s stake rank within the top 21, they ascend to the role of an active validator for the forthcoming period.

The operational dynamics of active validators are governed by a set of pre-established rules, under which they sequentially partake in the block packaging process.

When a validator does not fulfill their block packaging duty within their designated time slot, other validators who have been less active in the recent cycle specifically those not participating in the last half of the blocks are randomly selected to execute this task.

It is imperative that a minimum of half the number of validators, plus one, are functioning to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted operation of the blockchain.


As a leading innovator in the blockchain space, WOW EARN is dedicated to connecting users with decentralized opportunities in mining, earning and trading.

Following its strategic move to layer one and a successful $30 million Series A funding round, WOW EARN is well-positioned to drive significant advancements in the DeFi ecosystem.

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Yara G, vice president of WOW EARN

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