What Is Necessary if You Decided to Own a Crypto Exchange


Being an owner of a crypto exchange is a business endeavor that promises to be a profitable one taking into consideration the market volume and the tendencies for its growth during the next years. Still, an issue emphasizes compliance with the severe regulatory requirements that have to be 100% addressed.

Among others, a crypto exchange business has to be incorporated in a defined legal form. In most cases, obtaining a crypto exchange license https://prifinance.com/en/cryptocurrency-license/ or equivalent authorization is expected. Following banking and AML rules are other must-have compliance elements. The governance of a crypto exchange is complex in nature and varies from state to state. But, Prifinance experts have highlighted all the points of TOP importance for entrepreneurs to know and rule a crypto currency exchange.

Must-haves to Know about Managing a Cryptocurrency Exchange

If you wish to become an owner of a crypto exchange, you are expected to accomplish the next actions for the project to maximize its chances of profitability:

         – auditing the background of your business and collecting evidence about the origin of the funds you intend to utilize for your future crypto exchange;

         – considering the regulatory norms, including cryptolicensing and AML/CTF;

         – investigating the local markets where you are going to enter to determine the principal competitors and target customers;

         – reserving enough capital resources to manage a crypto exchange;

         – developing clear AML, KYC, transactions tracking, and reporting policies for your perspective cryptoexchange;

         – recruiting staff members who possess the exact qualifications prescribed by the licensing laws;

         – arranging enough IT resources and finding IT service providers to guarantee uninterrupted operation of a crypto exchange;

         – applying for and preserving a cryptolicense or other must-have authorization active.

How Prifinance Experts May Foster Your Business Activities

If you wish to begin the operation as a crypto currency exchange, Prifinance experts are ready to encourage the fast and straightforward realization of your business objectives, including through these legal measures:

         – estimating the current state of your business background and helping to confirm the legal origin of all the funds you are going to use for the operation of a perspective cryptoexchange;

         – searching for and collecting all the details that may be inquired by the local regulators to incorporate and keep the future exchange active;

         – elaborating on and formalizing all the policies to create a compliance background for a future exchange;

         – assisting with the formalization of labor relations with the staff, including a compliance manager;

         – facilitating the passage of internal checks in the banks and EMI to open the accounts of a perspective crypto exchange;

         – boosting the process of a crypto exchange incorporation and obtaining a cryptolicense through the precise fillings and addressing all the expectations of the local regulators, including through the lodgement of extra documents and information upon request;

         – supporting all the further activities that may be carried out through the newly-registered crypto exchange;

         – representing the interests of the clients during discussions with the officials of the local state authorities.

Prifinance experts encourage you to discuss the details of your concrete business profile to develop and implement more precise business decisions that will maximize the chances of profitability for your future cryptoexchange. We have successfully opened 200+ projects in the crypto industry and are ready to introduce your startup in the market in the same manner as well.


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