SShiba Memu hits $4.6M in presale, but is SHMU worth buying?


  • Meme coins have shown a resurgence in recent weeks as AI tokens surge.
  • Shiba Memu presale has raised over $4.6 million with 29 days to the final offer date.
  • Could this be the opportune moment to buy SHMU?

Data shows AI tokens have been on the rise in recent weeks, helped by a massive forecast for the sector by leading tech companies. Amid this outlook, is Shiba Memu, whose presale countdown is now down to just 29 days, worth buying?

AI tokens have surged in recent weeks

Artificial intelligence-powered tokens have had a decent run in recent weeks. According to data shared by crypto research and on-chain analytics platform Kaiko, AI-related tokens recorded increased trading volumes in November, hitting a peak of $3 billion.

Trading volumes have soared since mid-October, with Render (RNDR) Worldcoin (WLD), (FET) and SingularityNET (AGIX) accounting for the largest share. While the overall upside flip in crypto prices in November might have helped the AI tokens, the broader bullish sentiment around this topic could have played a role.

Analysts forecast the trend to continue, particularly as major mainstream companies like Nvidia, Microsoft, Amazon and Google bet on the success of AI integration. It’s an outlook likely to see solid crypto AI tokens rally in 2024.

As crypto looks to turn the page amid recent events around Binance and its former CEO Changpeng Zhao, could the positive outlook for AI tokens cascade into new projects looking to break onto the scene? Could Shiba Memu be worth buying ahead of the likely bull market?

Shiba Memu – a new AI meme coin

The Shiba Memu’s potential to dominate the memecoin world could come down to its powerful marketing and utility. With AI and crypto already hot topics in the investment space, what Shiba Memu adds is a solid meme-inspired genius.

Natural language processing, predictive analytics and image/video recognition are some of the tools that Shiba Memu deploys to create an AI dashboard set to run memeworld’s self-sufficient ecosystem. The interactive AI dashboard will be a 24/7 marketing machine capable of self-improvement.

Is Shiba Memu worth buying?

Meme coins have returned to the limelight in recent weeks, thanks to breakout performances for the likes of Memecoin (MEME) and Bonk (BONK). Even those to lose momentum as crypto stalled – Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Pepe – have recorded positive returns in the past month.

As noted, Shiba Memu is a new AI-powered crypto token currently in presale. The huge interest in AI tokens has seen investors hunting for the next gem take positions in its SHMU presale. The project has so far raised more than $4.6 million and with the presale on for the next 29 days only, now could be the opportune time to buy.

SHMU is currently priced at $0.044425 and will continue to rise throughout, with increases programmed to occur every day at 6 pm GMT. 

If analysts’ predictions for AI, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies materialize in the next 12-24 months, then buying SHMU before the presale ends could be a big move for any investor. However, it should be noted that projections are not a guarantee of future performance. 

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