Socrates Launches Groundbreaking Social Media and Entertainment Platform for Web 3.0 Users Globally


November 23, 2023 – London, United Kingdom

Socrates is a Web 3.0 social media and entertainment platform, combining the best of Social-Fi and Game-Fi. It’s accessible on multiple blockchains, including Polygon, Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain (BSC), Arbitrum One and Optimism. It allows anyone to participate in multiple-choice question and answers, empowering people to voice honest opinions and unique perspectives. It offers large rewards for simple in-app interactions, easily redeemable.

Socrates, a Web 3.0 social media and entertainment platform, has launched on multiple blockchains following a successful testing phase.

With thousands of sign-ups already, the revolutionary app will offer users globally the ability to earn substantial rewards by actively participating in multiple-choice Q&As, debating openly and sharing knowledge.

Socrates empowers individuals to discuss any topic, including politics, sports, crypto and entertainment.

Utilizing an innovative and intuitive UI, users can easily create and answer multiple-choice questions in-app, giving and liking reasons to further support their viewpoints.

The organization combines the best of Social-Fi and Game-Fi, built on the principle of rewarding knowledge-sharing and promoting dialogue, with a mission to engage dialogue and foster community.

With mainstream media controlling narratives and directing much of collective human thought, Socrates gives users a platform to think freely about issues and combat misinformation common in Web 2.0 social media.

Built on the principles of decentralization and inclusivity, Socrates integrates the benefits of blockchain technology and NFTs to establish a unique incentivized ecosystem.

User interactions contribute to a question’s prize pool, already reaching over 1,000 points, with potential rewards distributed upon the question’s closure.

Meaningful discussions and unique perspectives during deep debates can earn users higher rewards a key feature in provoking meaningful discussions and new levels of engagement.

This week, Socrates has further improved accessibility, enabling access via multiple blockchains, including Polygon, Ethereum, Arbitrum One, Optimism and BNB Smart Chain (BSC), where points earned on the platform can be easily redeemed 1:1 for USDT.

Lottie Wells, head of PR at Socrates, said,

“With question and answers driving today’s conversation, we created Socrates to provide a fun platform where you can earn large rewards for sharing knowledge, learning of diverse opinions and networking with like-minded communities.

“In response to the rise of AI language technology providing standardized answers to questions, our platform addresses a clear need for individuals, businesses and governments to seek human answers to their questions.”

Since launch, the over 200 Socrates team members from leading Web 3.0 and social media companies have continued to develop the product and improve the user experience.

Nevertheless, the organization has ambitious development plans imminently, including the release of an algorithm tailoring content to specific users, and a cutting-edge UI update.

The platform invites users to join the debate by signing up and experiencing Socrates here, using the invitation code, ‘8k6ze4s6.’

About Socrates

Socrates is a global Web 3.0 social media and entertainment platform based on multiple blockchains, where users earn rewards by participating in multiple-choice Q&As, debating and sharing knowledge.

Combining the best of Social-Fi and Game-Fi, the organization aims to pioneer a new era of dialogue and knowledge beyond borders, empowering and rewarding individuals to share their vision and shape the future through diverse perspectives.

In an age where social and mainstream media heavily influence collective thought, Socrates encourages individuals to think freely, challenging issues and dispelling misinformation.

Users can shape conversations in-app by crafting their ‘pen’ and selecting a sphere of interest, actively contributing to meaningful dialogues.

The platform has established an incentivized ecosystem, where valuable contributions and interactions can earn large rewards.

Featuring an innovative and intuitive user interface, coupled with decentralized blockchain technology, Socrates prioritizes transparency and security.

Socrates is dedicated to empowering individuals to share their unique vision and shape the future through diverse perspectives, fostering a community-driven platform that transcends geographical boundaries.

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Lottie Wells, head of PR at Socrates

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