Payment firm Stripe allows Crypto Payout in USDC for Freelancers


Leading payment firm Stripe has announced that it will support crypto payments in USD stablecoin (USDC) for freelancers.

This move will greatly benefit freelancers living in countries with large unbanked populations and those who struggle to get paid for their work.

Thus, Stripe’s recent addition of the USDC token, can be a potential game-changer for freelancers as they are provided with a better payment substitute apart from the traditional one.

By adding USDC, Stripe has predicted that nearly 4.4 billion people are now able to receive payments in 110 countries including Senegal, El Salvador, and Bhutan.

The payments company behind the USDC stablecoin, Circle’s co-founder Jeremy Allaire stated that the USDC coin provides a more inclusive method of sending money to people around the globe.

Nikhil Chandhok, chief product officer at Circle, commented “Such an important use case enabled by USDC”!

Stripe allows several crypto businesses including exchanges and wallet providers, to use its payments infrastructure.

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