Is PancakeSwap (CAKE/USD) bullish market over?


  • PancakeSwap was bullish up to November, doubling in price

  • PancakeSwap token has been weighed by the risk contingencies of the FTX sage

  • The cryptocurrency remains on a downtrend and risks a lower low

It seems that PancakeSwap (CAKE/USD) will have to end 2022 on a low note. CAKE was among a handful of cryptocurrencies that looked strong in the face of a bear market. However, it couldn’t last beyond November. The aftermath of the FTX collapse has taken a toll on the cryptocurrency. Why has this so yet tokens of decentralised exchange or DEX surged post-FTX saga?

The decline in CAKE happens potentially due to its connection with Binance. The cryptocurrency is based on the Binance Smart Chain. Thus, the confidence crisis facing centralised exchanges, including Binance, may have infiltrated PancakeSwap. It does not necessarily mean that is the case, though, as the bear market is also ravaging crypto markets.

With CAKE touching a crucial resistance at $5.0 in early November, investors could have exited positions. That, of course, was inspired by the FTX collapse that sent most crypto tokens tumbling. Investors would not have risked the profits they had made since CAKE had already doubled in value since the June lows. Based on these, CAKE’s bullish market is over, at least in the meantime. 

CAKE’s technical outlook is bearish as price retests resistance

CAKE/USD Chart by TradingView

A technical outlook shows CAKE retesting a resistance at $3.5. The price has stalled since touching the level, suggesting a possibility of a correction to the downside. 

The MACD indicator is very bearish for cryptocurrency. The RSI reading has slightly improved since touching oversold conditions as the CAKE price fell to $3.1. The reading remains below the midpoint, indicating that bears are in control.

What is the likely next price of CAKE?

CAKE price will stay bearish unless bulls recover above the $3.5 level. The next potential price level for the cryptocurrency lies at $2.8 and $2.6. Investors should keep off until the bearish movement subsides and should buy CAKE on a bullish reversal confirmation.

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