Gamers are more interested in earning Bitcoin than NFTs: Survey


While some gamers are against nonfungible token (NFT) integration for games, a large portion are willing to play if they are given opportunities to earn cryptocurrency, according to a recent survey. 

In an announcement, fintech firm Zeebedee published the results of a study that surveyed gamers based in the United States to measure their exposure to crypto and their sentiments toward blockchain gaming.

The researchers found that 67% of the respondents are more likely to play free games if the games offered crypto rewards. Out of the survey participants, 45% believe that there are benefits in being able to trade game characters and items with other gamers, while 23% said that it may have a negative impact. The remaining 32% did not comment.

Apart from these, the study also found 27% of respondents are interested in earning Bitcoin (BTC) in games, while only 5% are interested in earning NFTs. This suggests that more gamers are interested in getting BTC in play-to-earn (P2E) games than simply getting NFTs.

According to Ben Cousens, the chief strategy officer of Zeebedee, one of the highlights of the survey was that most gamers have a positive or neutral opinion on crypto rewards. Apart from this, the executive noted that interest in Bitcoin was also high. Cousens explained that:

“Despite the bulk of industry attention being focused on NFTs, we found that Bitcoin stands out as the most popular decentralized asset amongst gamers when compared against other cryptocurrencies, including NFTs.”

Of the respondents that hold cryptocurrencies, the researchers found that 55% don’t hold cryptocurrencies. The rest holds either Bitcoin, Ether (ETH) or Dogecoin (DOGE).

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Meanwhile, another survey published on July 15 revealed that one out of three gamers is interested in using crypto in the metaverse. The survey also highlighted that the concept of P2E gaming is well-received, with 40% of gamers wanting to play and earn within the etaverse.