Elon Musk Says Argentina’s Pro-Crypto President Will Make the Country Rich Again. Can Memecoins Like $GFOX Replace the Sinking Peso?


The window is closing faster than most investors realize. TradFi’s most prominent players have given crypto the green light with their Spot ETF applications, and now nation-states are adopting pro-crypto stances. Hold onto your hats because this cycle will dwarf all that have come before.

Elon Musk says Argentina’s pro-crypto president will make the country rich again, and Javier Milei’s victory shows that Argentina has an appetite for change. But what are the best cryptocurrencies to buy headed into 2024? Can memecoins like Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) replace the sinking peso? And what will Argentina look like in the coming decade?

Javier Milei, Musk’s Proclamation, and Another Bitcoin ($BTC) Friendly Nation

Javier Milei has been elected president of Argentina, and this radical libertarian has sweeping plans for change. Pictured in one of his campaign ads smashing Argentina’s Central Bank, can Milei bring the shakeup Argentina drastically needs?

Keen to slash state spending, stamp out inflation, replace the peso with the dollar, and shut down the Central Bank. Outsiders see pain ahead for Argentine citizens, but nothing worth having ever came easy, and a figure like Milei could be precisely what the country needs.

Musk tweeted his support in November with a simple message: ‘‘Prosperity is ahead for Argentina.’’ The founder of Tesla knows first-hand the pain of bureaucracy, and his simple statement implies that Argentina will fare much better by abolishing state controls and its complex bureaucratic systems.

Milei is another fiercely pro-Bitcoin politician. He joins the ranks of Bukele, the president of El Salvador, in pushing for decentralized hard internet currency. Greater adoption of Bitcoin ($BTC) means greater crypto adoption, and this new capital will eventually find its way into DeFi.

As investors watch political events in Argentina, the real question is, what are the best cryptocurrencies to buy now, given the changing global attitude toward crypto? Could deflationary memecoins like Galaxy Fox be the answer to the inflationary woes of the Argentinian peso? 

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX): Masterclass in Deflationary Tokenomics

Galaxy Fox keeps being mentioned by experts as one of the top 5 cryptos to buy now, and its deflationary nature makes it a perfect alternative to the sinking peso. This play-to-earn token launches an entire ecosystem around its Web3 runner game and rewards the top-ranked players each season.

The ecosystem contains two core value accrual mechanisms for $GFOX token holders. First is Stargate. Stargate is the protocol’s rewards hub, paying out rewards to all stakers. It accrues 2% of all buy and sell taxes and uses this funding instead of token emissions to reward $GFOX stakers.

This unique payout mechanism for stakers ensures no inflation of the $GFOX token and means that staking rewards have no upper-limit cap. As the ecosystem grows and more users trade, $GFOX staking rewards will be up-only.

But how can $GFOX help replace the sinking peso? Instead of acting like Argentina’s Central Bank, which has attempted to print its way out of problems only to land in greater problems. Galaxy Fox will issue the majority of tokens at the TGE and decrease the supply through its protocol burn instead of inflating it.

Early participants can lock in up to 450% gains at launch via participating in the initial phase. And for investors wanting to earn yield on a deflationary asset $GFOX is could be the crypto to buy in 2023.

Closing Thoughts: $GFOX Deflationary Gem

Galaxy Fox has delivered a masterclass in deflation. Instead of large token unlocks and other hidden inflationary pressures affecting almost all major altcoins, it has introduced a model that decreases the token supply over time.

Delivering a P2E token with solid tokenomics and memecoin virality in bullish market conditions is scenario that could see it hit 100X. Participate in the presale today and learn why experts call $GFOX one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy heading into 2024.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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