Crown Token project grants token holders opportunity to vote on upcoming films


  • The Crown Token project pairs fans with film production teams.
  • CROWN Token holders will have the chance to vote on the upcoming films by T&B Media Global.
  • The token holders will specifically be able to vote on the creative design of animation films.

CROWN Token Project has announced that it will allow its token holders the right to vote on the character design of three upcoming films by T&B Media Global. The project uses blockchain technology to expand business opportunities within the entertainment industry.

Each of the three films that token holders will be voting on has a projected budget of between $15 million and $16 million. The films have hired academy award-winning teams who have worked on productions like Newsies, The Lion King, and the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Animation films fans can have a say in their creation

Going by the announcement by Crown Token Project, animation film consumers who have traditionally never had a say in the creation of film characters can now decide on the direction a media company takes.

Previously, creators/producers could only know of their viewers’ tastes after investing millions of dollars in producing a film and releasing it; which is too late to change the film to suit the viewers’ needs. By allowing fans to interact with the production team, producers will have an opportunity to produce films that are more inclined to the viewers’ taste.

Through the sale of its tokens, CROWN Token Project allows fans to vote on characters, movies, and animated features they feel passionate about with T&B Media Global films being the first animated films that CROWN Token holders will have the opportunity to vote on.

Besides having CROWN token holders on board, T&B Media Global has also partnered with Ideomotor, the animation production studio behind League of Legends.

CROWN token holders will start with selecting the film to contribute to and then choosing the character design for the film.

Besides voting on characters, movies, and animated features, token holders will also be able to stake their tokens and get USDT rewards.


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