Can Metacade Lead a Bear Market Rally?


After the madness of the 2021 bull run, the crypto winter really hit hard in 2022, with difficulty saying how long it will continue. Experienced investors know that while interest in crypto may be a little lower, bear markets are actually the perfect time to accumulate strong projects with utility in order to make the most of the next bull run. Even in bear market conditions, there are still gains to be made in a bear market rally.

Metacade is a new project that is widely regarded in investment groups as a top pick for success in 2023 and beyond, and with some incredible presale results pouring $3.9 million into the project in just 9 weeks, many are turning to the idea that Metacade just might be a project capable of leading a bear market rally.  

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a revolution in Web3 gaming, and the project is well underway on its ambition to build the largest play-to-earn (P2E) arcade in the metaverse. The project has turned a lot of heads as a result of the comprehensive whitepaper released ahead of the presale, which details plans to build an extensive ecosystem of functionality around the P2E arcade, driving huge levels of engagement and shaking up gaming in the process.

By leveraging the most expansive set of gaming titles, the project is putting itself in pole position for some serious momentum to build in 2023. This is compounded by the positive impact of a number of other complementary features that make up the core of its ecosystem.

One key feature is a compelling and innovative rewards mechanism. Aside from earning rewards for playing games in the P2E arcade, users are able to benefit across different playing styles, competitive gaming ladders and tournament play. 

Casual gamers can still earn an income by making valuable contributions to the platform. This could be through activities such as writing reviews of games or sharing useful alpha in order to reward users for helping improve the platform. This will become an effective driver for user growth, irrespective of whether the markets are experiencing a crypto winter.

How does Metacade work?

Metacade has a range of interlinking features, and in order to get the most out of the platform, the project has created a utility token. The MCADE token enables not only the rewards mechanisms but also serves as a medium of exchange across the platform. Activities like purchasing merchandise or entering tournaments are facilitated by the token, creating its inherent worth.

The utility of the Metacade token has been shaped in such a way as to be investor-friendly, including supporting a staking mechanism that MCADE holders can utilize. This provides an ideal set of investment circumstances for would-be investors. While the token value will inevitably increase over time, they can also earn a passive income in return for supporting the network.

This high level of token utility is just one reason why the project seems to be capable of leading a bear market rally, given that utility will drive a price increase through necessity, whether the crypto space is in the midst of a crypto winter or not.

Finally, the Metagrant initiative is a fascinating feature that is rightly drawing attention. It allows game developers to present their game plans to the Metacade community for a chance to receive funding. MCADE holders will be able to use their tokens to vote on which projects receive treasury funds, ensuring a top-quality gaming lineup as well as solid user retention through an extreme level of engagement.

Is Metacade a good investment?

The project developers have understood the need for long-term self-sufficiency, and as a result, a number of different revenue streams have already been outlined to help drive the project forward over time. 

MCADE itself clearly demonstrates a high level of utility, and its price should be expected to rise in line with the adoption of the platform. Given that so many of the project’s features are designed to create positive cycles of engagement, it’s no surprise that MCADE has been well-received and has enough potential to drive a bear market rally all on its own.

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.


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