Bitcoin (BTC) Surpasses $43,000; InQubeta (QUBE) Mainstream Buzz Intensifies


The legendary volatility of the cryptocurrency market has been on a major rise, with tokens on the decentralized cryptocurrency list experiencing lows for most of the year. The narrative has since changed, and Bitcoin (BTC), the number one digital coin, has been a top riser, recording over a 150% increase in its market value for 2023. The token has benefited from the expectations surrounding a spot exchange-traded fund (ETF) and reduced inflation in the market.

Different projects are in the green as Bitcoin continues its ascent. InQubeta (QUBE), an upcoming token merging artificial intelligence and blockchain opportunities, is topping the charts for investors seeking substantial returns and long-term value. 

The project uses trending NFTs in its revolutionary model, allowing investors to earn returns from fractional investments. This article explores Bitcoin and InQubeta’s rise amid the crypto surge, highlighting the features intensifying InQubeta’s mainstream buzz.

InQubeta (QUBE): Non-Fungible Tokens In The Artificial Intelligence Industry

Crypto investors are recording potential growth with diversified investments. InQubeta, a blockchain ICO related to the AI industry, is disrupting the market, drawing mainstream attention with its ongoing presale and incredible utility. 

The project is backed by trending NFTs that represent minted opportunities in AI tech startups, allowing investors to crowdfund the development of these companies and reap the rewards in return. These opportunities are fractionated, ensuring all investors can hold equity in these startups irrespective of their pockets.

The mainstream buzz surrounding InQubeta has intensified with the project having already raised over $6.3 million from its presale. 

This significant increase has been recorded following an influx of investors seeking huge returns from their diversified portfolios. The QUBE presale has entered Stage 6, selling at a DeFi coin price of $0.01925 per token. Over 602 million tokens have been bought so far, and the stage is selling out quickly, with only about 20% left.

The blockchain ICO has proposed a list price of $0.0308, offering a 60% increase to investors who purchase at this stage. 

As investors continue to acquire more tokens, the increased interest in QUBE will cause its presale to enter the next stage soon, selling at $0.0224 apiece. Only four stages remain until the conclusion of this journey. 

This could be the time to get in and reap all the benefits of being a QUBE holder, including staking rewards from a dedicated pool and governance rights on the platform.

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Bitcoin (BTC): Kickstarting The Bull Run

Bitcoin has gained strength as its DeFi coin price soared over $43,000 over the weekend, surprising investors and traders. The top crypto coin experienced resounding volatility this past year, falling below $17,000 apiece. 

This aggressive fall from about $68,000, its all-time high for 2021, is attributed to FTX’s collapse and the Federal Reserve’s rate hikes. Its recent price rally reflects a 150% increase this year, giving BTC investors who have held their coins since the start of the year a tremendous growth spurt. 

Inflation has begun to cool, and Bitcoin is rising again. Much of this growth is related to the anticipation of approving a Spot BTC ETF. The recent predictions regarding the digital asset are heightening the speculation surrounding this approval. U.S. Bloomberg Intelligence has predicted the first Spot BTC ETF will get permission from the SEC by January. 

If implemented, this new development could result in significant growth in the industry as optimism continues to drive the token’s price.


The crypto market continues its ascent as Bitcoin soars higher, triggering a bull run. Investors who bought the dip record significant returns from their investments as they celebrate being on the green side of the chart. InQubeta also offers incredible opportunities on the decentralized cryptocurrency list, providing discounted rates in its presale journey. It’s an excellent option for those who missed the BTC dip, offering a chance at a 60% increase by launch.

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