Animoca Brands now largest Validator in TON Network after strategic investment


  • Animoca Brands has secured its position as the largest validator on the TON blockchain.
  • Animoca Brands actively supports third-party gaming projects within the TON ecosystem.
  • Telegram’s endorsement of TON as its blockchain of choice for Web3-related developments in September adds weight to TON’s prominence.

Hong Kong-based venture capital firm Animoca Brands has made a significant move in the blockchain and gaming space, solidifying its position as the largest validator on the TON (Telegram Open Network) blockchain.

The strategic investment aligns with Animoca’s focus on gaming and metaverse projects, contributing to the TON ecosystem’s development.

Animoca Brands’ investment in TON

In a recent announcement, Animoca Brands confirmed its investment in the TON ecosystem, refraining from disclosing specific details regarding the terms of the investment. The firm is actively supporting third-party gaming ventures within the TON ecosystem, emphasizing its backing for TON Play, the blockchain network’s dedicated gaming infrastructure project.

In September, TON received a notable endorsement from Telegram, designating it as the preferred blockchain for Web3-related developments. This endorsement positioned TON as a significant player in the blockchain space, especially given the vast potential audience of Telegram, boasting a user base of 800 million. With Animoca Brands’ investment and involvement in TON, the gaming and metaverse sectors may witness increased innovation and collaboration within the TON ecosystem.

This strategic move by Animoca Brands underscores the growing intersection of blockchain and gaming, with TON providing a robust infrastructure for decentralized applications (DApps) in the gaming industry. As TON continues to gain support from influential players like Animoca Brands, it reinforces the blockchain’s position as a key player in the evolving landscape of Web3 technologies.


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